To me - I blame the coach

I usually do not like to assign  blame for a loss.  If you win – it is a team win – if you lose – it’s a team loss.

However, I think that the powers that be need to recognize when a change to the momentum or kismet needs to be done.  This was not accomplished last night.

Scott Gordon, in my opinion, NEEDED to take a time out and calm down the troops after the Rangers got their second goal.  After an outstanding first period where just about every aspect of their game was flawless, the Islanders went back on their heels.  The passing was not crisp, the battles were being lost, it just looked like the guys were not in the game.  Although we as fans understand that the players were not just going through the motions, appearances may lead one to believe something different.  To me – the coach needed to take a time out, and give the guys  a chance to change perceptions and attempt to get the guys to be in a different direction.

That second goal made a chance in the atmosphere in the building, and effectively took the sails out of the Islanders.

Am I off on that opinion?

Anyway – six games left, and out of the playoffs.  I am still bummed about that, but it is a fact of life.  I can deal with that.  I still feel that this team has improved over the same time 12 months prior, and I feel that with the proper maturation, and an adding of a player or two; I think this team can make some strides for 2010-11.

What do you think?  Let us know.


  • John Panarese

    I definitely agree with you, Gary. It was quite obvious that things needed to be settled down, and that was one instance where a time out would have been needed. Some times, you have to recognize a momentum swing like that and quickly try to do Something to stop it.

    To me, I look at the team and season this way. Who would have believed that we, as Islander fans, would still bee talking the possibility of making the playoffs in mid-March? I think this team has made some positive and significant strides forward, and it points at better things to come should we draft additional, Good talent and we are willing to sign other players to help. Frankly, there is nothing for us to hang our heads about.

    Overall, in my opinion, last night typified the season as a whole and indicated an aspect the Isles must improve upon in the future. That is simply consistent hockey for 60 minutes. Over and over, when the Islanders have applied Gordon’s system for 60 minutes, they win. When they have period or more lapses, they often lose. That is the bottom line. As a young team, the “growing pains” will be expected, but blowing another lead shows that the boys still have to do some maturing and we are going to need a veteran or two in the lineup to keep them focused and calm in such instances. However, I am just an opinionated fan, so what do I know?

  • Eugene Markman

    Mathematically you can make it, realistically you won’t. Normally, I’d agree that a time-out is necessary. However, here’s a possible explanation: the team is young, and eventaully will be on the upswing. The coach might be testing his players to see how they handle pressure. By not callinga time out, he lets them figure things out and try to settle down on the fly. It’s similar to what Phil Jackson does for the Lakers. Sometimes coaches need to take a back seat and let the players play, and I think that might have been what he was doing.

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  • Jordan M. Alpert

    Agree with Eugune. Especially cause the second goal was a fluke (stick breaking).

    The game was decided when Rolofson flipped out at Propsal and lost his focus.

    @ Parnarse — You have to be happy with how the Islanders are growing young talent. Add some size, get a healthy goaltender not eligible for AARP, and, I am sad to say, you will dominate the Rangers for the next few years.

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