Despite the French overtones - Isles win a big one

The folks of the Quebecois persuasion know how to get the tickets to the Islander games, that’s for sure.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of  Bleu, Blanc and Rouge at the Coli last night, and you would think if you were just listening, that you were in Centre Bell.

However, it was an Islander home game.

Despite being down a couple of times in the 3rd period, the Isles responded, and ultimately got the second point from the skills competition, sending the Habs fans home unhappy.

This team, even with them being out of the playoff dance, are playing their hearts out, and are not settling for just ending the season.  The grit, determination, and overally intensity is up, and the results show in the “W” column.

For anyone that has the audacity to say that the team should ‘tank’ it – and try to get a better position for a Tyler Hall or Seguin or some other hot prospect, should be just shot!  As a professional athlete, especially a hockey player, can not just drop their play level.  They are the proudest bunch of the athletes in professional ranks, and I am proud to follow these guys.

Poor Blake Comeau – hurts his leg (foot), in the first period, after scoring again.  Such a shame he was not among the top 3 of last week.  He should have been there.  Hopefully, he will be able to suit up for the remaining 3.

Sean Bergenheim was all over the place.  He was a pest, and made some great moves in the offensive zone.  I just wish this intensity was around all year, but I am happy it is here now.  Something so positive to bring to next season.

Would any of us thought that we could say that Marty Biron is 7-0-2 in his last 9?  Wow!  The ultimate team player, and I so wish he comes back next season.

From first hand knowledge – this is a great locker room.  The guys ALL get along so well, and all seem to enjoy playing together.  Even with Jon Sim in his face last week , Andy Sutton, would not rule out coming back to play here next season.  That says BUNCHES about the character of this team.

Just so appreciate that this team is ending the season on such a high note.  They are currently 17 points ahead of last season with 3 games left.

I just hope that more and more folks in Islander Country appreciate the overall effort of the team.  Yes, we did not make the playoffs, but unlike last season, there are a great deal of glimpses of hope, that a corner will be turned again.  With a positive outlook, cap space galore, the continued improvement of the current corps, and the talent that is ready to come up – you have to look forward to 2010-11. 

If you are not aboard the Islander train – we can stop it – and let you come on in.

  • John Panarese

    I absolutely love the fact that the guys are showing up and playing with passion. I would have been really disgusted if they folded their collective tents and mailed in the rest of the season. Yes, we are not going to make the playoffs, but it has been a tremendous season with positive strides forward, and we are seeing a glimpse of just how good the system and coaching is for a developing group of guys. One can only imagine what this team will do with further development and additional pieces to the puzzle added.

    Of course, this is opinion only, but I would consider Marty Biron as an option next season. I like the guy, and he is a great team player. I think with Ricky’s future still, as far as I’m concerned, a question mark, we need a solid, veteran pair of goaltenders again. Roloson and Biron, to me, would work just fine again.

    Another thing to consider is, yes, bringing back Sutton. Our defense needs size and a banging presence, and with Witt clearly not in the long term plans, I don’t know who else will be out there who will be available who can fit the build. Despite the prospects we do have coming along, I’d even say two veteran back liner signings would help the club, if possible, the second being a younger version of the Witt or Sutton mold.

    Lastly, I would also throw out there the idea of Trevor Gillies returning. This team is a different team with an enforcer on the bench. I don’t care what you want to say about the need for a “fighter”, but it has helped the Isles much more than hurt them. The Isles lack size on both offense and defense, and that has been a problem when playing teams that have the size advantage and use it, like the Flyers or Bruins or Leafs. I would think Matt Martin is the “future” for that kind of role, but Gillies is still only 31 years old. However, I am not Garth Snow, and I can’t even GM a fantasy hockey team to a championship ….