What's Next at EyesonIsles.com

The season is unfortunately over.

Sixteen teams get to continue their dance card, until one is left with the chalice and the memories. 

For us Islander fans, we lament until September when camp opens in China.  However, John and I, the “EyesonIsles.com” folks, will still be writing and talking Islander puck.

John and I, for the next few weeks, will look at each player that spent some time with the team this year (including the ones that have been traded or sent down), and give the player a grade.

From there – we will look at the draft, and what can be expected, when the Isles step to the podium at the 5 slot.  Then – we will examine July 1, and the players that may or may not be available to the Isles, as what we would like to see added or subtracted from the team.

It will be an interesting off-season; one that can make this team make strides to the next echelon.  EyesOnIsles.com will be there to look at the changes, and let you know our thoughts on the subject.

Have a great day, and enjoy the playoffs.

OH – By the way – Here are my predictions for the First Round:

NJ – Phi – NJ in 7

Was – Mtl – Was in 5

Buf – Bos – Buf in 7

Pit – Ott – Pit in 5

SJ – Col – SJ in 6

Chi – Nas – Chi in 6

Van – LA – Van in 5

Phx – Det – Det in 7

Let’s see how I do…. Gary

  • http://www.tvi-web.com John Panarese

    It’s interesting that my predictions pretty much match yours, G. I really think the Devil/Flyer series will go 7, and I think, in the West, Phoenix is going to give Detroit a big challenge. Montreal might make it tighter than 5 on their goaltending, but I don’t think they have the offensive punch to match the Caps at all.

    I think the Colorado/San Jose match up is going to be one of the more interesting. Will the Sharks get out of the first round? Obviously, if you look at experience and with the firepower the Sharks have, you might be inclined to believe the Avalanche boys will go down quickly. However, despite a lot of rookie presence, I think Colorado will make that series exciting and difficult for the Sharks.

  • http://rinkroyalty.com Gavin Humes

    I might be a bit biased, but I think the Kings are going to best the Canucks. They might be 1-3 in the regular season, but one game was decided in a shootout, which is irrelevant now. They’ll be playing loose, and the Canucks have the pressure of being in Canada against them. Kings in 6.