Next review - Trevor Gillies #14

First of all – congrats to the Flyers… What an unbelievable upset!  Boston just laid down and died!  And dont use the too many men as an excuse.  If it was called 2 or 3 time in the playoffs, that is one thing, but 33 times?????  No – you just did not get it done, and it is another black eye for Boston sports.  This may hurt worse than Buckner.

Trevor Gillies – 14 games – 1 assist, 75 PIM -2

Yes – the Isles had a very good record when he played, but sorry fans, he is NOT the reason for it.  I like his passion, his ‘stepping up’ and defending his teammates.  He knows when to make the issue be big, and when to back off.

If Trevor was 21, I would really like his future.  However, he is a journeyman, with these 14 games on his NHL resume.  Could I see him back here next year? 


However, he would seriously need to step the rest of his game, and not be a 5 minute a game player.  Can he do that at 31?  It is a big question, to see — I would definitely bring him to camp and see what kind of desire he has.

As far as a grade is concerned, I will give him a solid C+.  I am a little tough on the grade, because he needs to step up the rest of the game.

Next up – Jeff Tambellini… This should be a doozy!

  • John Panarese

    I think the Islanders got what you would expect from Gillies. I liked the impact he did have, and he did bring some badly needed toughness to the lineup. Also, I must admit that his attitude and presence did grow on me rather quickly. However, I also agree that he is far from the “answer”. I don’t know if he will be able to “make” the team next season unless he does bring more to the table. This might be even more evident, depending on what Garth Snow does after July 1.