Next Review - #16 - Jon Sim

Stats: 77GP 13G 9A 22PTS 44PM

An enigma if there ever was one.  Simmer is the kind of a player that his role would be more relished on a stronger team than the Islanders.  He is a pest, a person that will tick off the front line, plays much bigger than he actually is – and can get involved in the offense as the situation dictates.

At the end of 08-09 – he was languishing in Bridgeport – wondering if he would be an NHL’er again.  As the season ended, he was playing good minutes and getting the team fired up.  You always see him slapping gloves and sticks of his teammates, and trying to get the guys pumped up.  He is never going to be a top6 forward, but a 3rd line agitator is a good choice.

I will give him a B- for this year, only because there were some moments in this season, where he was as lost as  Oceanic 815 (No – I never watched a second of LOST, but I know the flight number).  However, in the right situation – he may help a team tremendously.  Will he be signed next season?  I have my doubts.  He is a warrior and a good team guy, but Garth needs to take this team to the next level; and too many ‘good guys’ will just not do it.  He needs ‘better than good guys’ to mold with the Tavares’ and Moulsons of this team, as well as the kids that are coming.

Next player will be #20 – Sean Bergenheim

  • John Panarese

    It is a shame because if the Islanders were more advanced in the rebuilding process, I think Sim would be a great player to have. He is “old school”, which I like, and there is a great value to his ability to really annoy and frustrate opposing players. Unfortunately, as Gary said, he had his moments where he looked like he really didn’t belong, and I really don’t know if he is someone, at the moment, who will be back next season.