30 NHL Previews in 30 Days - Nashville Predators

It is the Music City’s turn.  The Mike Fisher trade was a big push for Nashville to finally win their first playoff series.  This team has slowly made strides up the Western Conference ladder.  Will this year be the year that they make a bigger push?

Dan Bradley of  Predlines offers the following preview:


“This is mistake, Teemu. It is best not to anger the Shea” (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Without a doubt, this is the turning point for the Nashville Predators. The Three marquee players are entering their contract years. Of the 12 marquee rookies this year listed by SI.com, four will be wearing the fangs this year. The kids have the keys to the car this year. With revenue up, and the new ownership possibly about to add another partner which could even further stabilize the team and anchor them permanently at 501 Broadway, it’s within the realm of possibility this could be the last year Nashville hangs around the midpoint. That is, if the front office wants to keep all three of Ryan Suter, Pekka Rinne, and Shea Weber.


This will always be what many view as the weakness of this team, but it may be a position of strength this year if the youth comes through. Sure, Joel Ward is now fat and happy in D.C., Steve Sullivan will be protected in Pittsburgh, and Marcel Goc will now be able to work on das tan in South Florida. But with their absence opens opportunity. And for a franchise that’s finally ready to churn out some forwards, here’s their chance. Veteran presence still resides up the middle with David Legwand and Mike Fisher; a pair of solid defenders who do possess decent playmaking skills. No one was happier than Legwand when Fisher arrived last season, and it showed in the postseason. Martin Erat and his beautiful hair will still be turning circles in Music City, and to be honest his defensive skills really shined this past year.

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Tomorrow will be New Jersey – and then, the Isles.

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