Islanders Lose by a Touchdown, Flattened by Flyers

(If there any more errors in spelling and grammar than usual, I apologize wholeheartedly. I don’t want to relive this terrible game anymore than I have to. Thanks for reading.)

UNIONDALE, N.Y.–  Terrible. Awful. Embarrassing. Unprofessional. Laughable. Amateurish. Sickening. Detestable. Familiar. Historic. These are just some of the words to describe one of the New York Islanders’s worst (if not THE worst) home loss at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The Philadelphia Flyers destroyed the Isles 7-0 in front of a packed house, and undoubtedly such a turnout won’t be recorded for some time after this nonsense. Who can blame us, right? I’d rather have the ability to change channels then having to leave a game early and feel as if I just wasted hard-earned cash on rubbish.

And if you think I’m harsh now,wait and see what happens  if the Isles lose to the Ottawa Senators tomorrow. There will be some of the most heinous (censored) critique in the short history of this website.

The scoreboard has very little to do with the rage at hand, but rather inspired directly by Jack Capuano and Mark Streit‘s handling of the situation, today and throughout the entire losing streak that was this homestand. More on this subject in a minute. For now here’s the recap.

Game Recap

The Philadelphia Flyers scored at the 26th second (you read correctly: 26 seconds, people) mark of the first (and just as quickly in the second, 15th second mark. Yes, 15 seconds) to set an indelible mark of domination that weighed heavily upon the conscious of every Islander player for the entire game, sans Matt Martin.

Captain Claude Giroux ‘put his money where his mouth is’ taking the opening faceoff and waltzing into New York territory then burying a wrist shot passed a dazed and confused Isles’s defense. Perhaps Evgeni Nabokov hadn’t even looked up before he realized the entire Flyers squad came ‘a knocking.

Giroux had lambasted his teammates for lack of heart and concentration their past few games, and called for all 20 men to act like professionals and play some NHL-level hockey. They answered his call, not before Giroux set the example and set it early.

What’s worse, after having earned his well-deserved NHL First Star of the week, John Tavares (and equally so, Matt Moulson) had his worst game of the year, taking ridiculous penalties and failing to cover properly on the backcheck. Tavares would be called for Tripping in the first (although, upon closer inspection, may have been a bad call) and another later for Unsporstmanlike, nay UnTavareslike Conduct. If that isn’t an indication of how bad things were going at his juncture, I don’t know what is.

The only two Islanders worth mentioning here are Nabokov and Matt Martin: one who had the grave misfortune of being left on the ice unnecessarily after allowing  three by the middle of the second period, while the other tried to awaken his team from their catatonia with his fists, taking on Wayne Simmonds and later Braydon Coburn. Too bad he didn’t punch some of his teammates instead.

The Flyers contained the Tavares line in every conceivable manner, and practiced a dump-and-crash style of play that caught the flat Islander defense completely and undeniably by surprise. Flat doesn’t begin describe the lack of energy, poise, and will exuded from this so-called NHL hockey club.

The opportunistic Flyers tacked on three goals in the second courtesy of Matt Read, Brayden Schenn, and a second by Giroux. By the close of the period, it was like watching Slap Shot pre-Hanson brothers.

The Islanders’s Power Play wasted a full 5-on-3 opportunity, with terrible offensive zone passing, even icing the puck at one point, ending the contest 0-for-5. Dreadful. Moreover, the Penalty Killing unit went 2-for-4 and was the only, minuscule sliver of good news to report (if you consider everything else, yes, it was ‘good’.)

In the spirit of irony and just plain good laughs, the Islanders are 2nd in the NHL on the PP and 4th on the PK. How that’s possible I have no idea.

The 7th goal hurt the most, as Nabokov was either fed up or simply exhausted. Whatever the case, he was out of position. And I’m sure he didn’t appreciate the gesture made by both Capuano and the Flyers. See for yourself:

Burn the tape of this game, you say? Absolutely. Burn the tape and those dreadful, cursed alternate Jerseys.


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  • I AM ABSOLUTELY LIVID at Jack Capuano for leaving Nabby out on the ice to be disgraced. Such a move speaks to his inadequacies and inabilities to coach at this level. How dare he leave a veteran, proven goaltender out to be mauled. Rick DiPietro should’ve been in after the third goal was scored. To Hell with gameplans. You DO NOT treat your star player like a scrub. Was he trying to teach him a lesson?! JACK CAPUANO must go. I mean it now. He must go. Terrible.
  • Also, why is Doug Weight ripping into players? He’s the damn AC, for crying out loud. Never heard of Al Arbour asking his ACs to lean into his players for him. Enough with this guy. (Yeah, he’s a nice guy, etc. I’ll buy him a beer when I’m back in RI.) You’re fired, brother.
  • Captain Claude Giroux called out his players the night before for simply not playing Flyers hockey. They got the message. I say this once again: Mark Streit is not Captain material. In fact, if it wasn’t for the C on his jersey I would’ve forgotten he was one. Rip it off his shirt and give it to Tavares already. Only JT has the cojones and the stats to back up tough locker talk. And the guys will follow suit. For damn sure. Another bad move by Capuano. JT as Captain, and Hell, give Matty Martin an A if he keeps grinding it out.
  • Brian Strait was injured: ankle it appears. Nothing of his status until tomorrow. Insult to injury for sure. Thomas Hickey will join the roadshow (circus show, more like it; Keystone Cops, really) it appears. Matt Carkner is still unavailable, as well. Defense not looking good at all.
  • 7-0?! Are you friggin kidding me?! Good day to you. GOOD DAY, INDEED! ajsdhfadjsaskdjlfhasglkjashdflkjashdflkjashd arghh! <choke choke hack hack!>



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  • Þorsteinn Halldórsson

    Hard to understand this psycho up down play and shinning one night to come out so flat the next…..Yeah this might be coach change terittory?

  • Þorsteinn Halldórsson

    Agree on the 3 jersey – play in White at home, blue road and this ugly thing when you need to satisfy another home team color.

  • Rich Diaz

    I can almost forgive the ‘up and down’ but when the captain doesn’t motivate his players because he hasn’t the necessary qualities to lead a charge inside the locker room, and our Jack Capuano leaves his goalie out to dry for 7 goals, one must question the head coach’s inabilities. Lastly, why is the assistant coach the one to apply pressure to the team? What in the world was Jack doing then? Disgusted with this team at present.

    • psu3700

      Rich, I noticed in the story that you wrote, “Never heard of Al Arbour asking his ACs to lean into his players for him. ” – Do we know if Cappy asked Weight to do this? Remember when Willie Randolph was replaced by Jerry Manuel? Do you see a scenario like that unfolding with the Isles? I agree that replacing Cappy will improve the team but I’m just not sure I want to throw Weight under the bus also, yet at least.

      • Rich Diaz

        Hey! No, I wasn’t throwing Weight under the bus; in fact, I am questioning why it wasn’t Jack doing the yelling, pointing to the fact that he [Jack] doesn’t have the necessary qualities to lead a team. As for Willie, Oh man, that situation was terrible and in no way the same the Isles. The Mets sandbagged him in the worst way.

        • psu3700

          Did you catch the interview with Weight during the 2nd intermission last night? He was confident, predicted an early goal and a win. They got the goal (with more than 10 minutes in the game left), I liked the display of confidence, but they did not get the win. Any opinion on Weight specifically there? I also noticed, Weight was just as talkative, if not more, with the players during the game than Cappy.

          • Rich Diaz

            The talkative part on bench makes me believe that he’s a assistant coach in transition. I honestly believe Jack is out before the end of this season for sure. ALthough Newsday reports that GM Snow isn’t making any “rash” moves regarding players, but didn’t mention anything about coaching changes. At least his silence can be interpreted either way: keeping capuano or not.

            As for Dougie on camera, well I think he loves his boys but he should really just not say those things. That too is a sign of immaturity. But i’d much rather have that then leaving Nabby out for 7 goals as my example of immature mistakes.

            Ruff was fired by the Sabres. What say you: Ruff as Isles coach?

          • psu3700

            Good point on the immaturity. I bet we agree that Ruff is an improvement over Capuano. If I were Garth Snow, I am seeing if Lindy wants to take over right now. However, if he wants to wait or we reach the end of the season, I am considering other people. Lindy Ruff would still be a prime candidate though. He would be the best Isles coach since Ted Nolan, right? What do you think about Ruff?

            My overall preference is that even with Cappy: The Isles start winning immediately, make the playoffs, win the Cup, raise another banner in the Coliseum, parade down the turnpike and repeat.

      • Rich Diaz

        Oh and that’s a good question you asked: “Do we know if Cappy asked Weight to do this?” The answer to that question may very well be the answer to what’s wrong behind the bench. Think about it: If Cappy says, Dougie, do this for me, he’s a lame duck and the guys know it, If Weight took it upon himself it still has the same effect! Either case, Capuano must go.

  • Guest