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There will always be another Islanders game

Hey folks, tonight the Islanders are playing the Los Angeles Kings. The 11-6-1 Kings. They’re a very good hockey team. Chances are, the Islanders might lose tonight.

If that’s the case, it’ll be five of the last six the team has dropped. Cue more panic. Cue those flying off the handle. Cue shouts of  “FIRE CAPPY” and “TRADE NABBY” and “THEY ARE JUST AWFUL.” Cue the delirious suggestions of firing Garth Snow. Cue the anger.

Take a chill pill boys and girls. The team is in a delicate place and treading in new waters. A little bit of adversity has never hurt anyone. Especially a young and still inexperienced side.

You know what’s wonderful? This is one of the best situations the Islanders have found themselves in in probably two decades. You can call me out on that, but I can’t remember a time where I was more excited for a season and more entertained while watching.

You know what bothers me? The fact that I’m seeing loyal fans working themselves into a tizzy after 19 games.

The Islanders might not make the playoffs this year. It’s a 50/50 chance. No analysis involved there. It would be disappointing, there is no doubting that, but hey, the Islanders and their fans have become the recent embodiment of “wait ’til next year.”

Patience, folks.

Wait for the defense to come back healthy. Wait for the forwards to learn how to track back and give the back line some support. Wait until everyone completely gels, lines are set and the loose pieces are swept away (you can debate on who they are, I’m more than interested to hear what you think).

I’m not coming on here and promising you playoffs or Stanley Cups in the next couple years. What I can promise you is more hockey. It might not always be necessarily good, but every summer, new schedules will be released and you’ll be back. Whether it’s at the Coliseum or the Barclays Center, you’ll be here.

That’s what makes Islanders nation different. Don’t ever change that.

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  • Bababoie to y’all!

    Im going to the game and they will win


    Great defeatist attitude….thanks for promising more hockey.

  • patty carroll

    I disagree. The islanders have been rebuilding since 07. The “wait until next year” stuff is over. The Islander fans have been patient long enough. patience has been the islander fans motto since the early 90s. We deserve a team that is 100% focused on not only making the playoffs but going deep into the playoffs. And its not like we dont have the players or the skill. Anybody who watched the pens vs isles series last year knows that the islanders are a dangerous team. This is one of the best situations the islanders have been in for years so i understand fans who are fustrated that we are loosing winable games

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