The Deke Squad - Issue No. 3: Thomas Vanek, Post-Season Play, & Islander Goaltending

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Welcome to the Deke Squad – Issue #3

Rich Dias-Rodrigues and Chris Triantafilis take a week’s worth of social media conversation, as well as in-house blathering, and bring it altogether for you, the reader.

Be sure to leave a comment below, as the point of it all is to organize a place for hockey fans, especially Islander ones, to come and have an intelligent discussion.

How it works: One question. One screen. One poll. Click ‘Next’.

Three in total.



This week’s topics:

  • The Islanders’ playoff chances: Grim? Slim? Both?
  • Who takes the No. 1 goaltending spot on the Island next season?
  • To trade or not to trade one Thomas Vanek




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  • Þorsteinn Halldórsson

    1. Grim slim and both…..that is the playoff picture….a few more loses and it shifts a few more wins the same…another 8-2 run would help now.
    2. Ryan miller and poulinn or Nabby…he is not looking bad right now.
    3. Make him an offer and hope for the best. To high and it may kill others in the hunt and playing, lose him and it only matters if we make the playoffs.

  • Bababoie to y’all!

    This is a fun way to put your finger on the pulse of the Isles fan base.