The Deke Squad - Issue No. 6: Trade Deadline, 2014-15, LaFontaine

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Welcome to the Deke Squad – Issue #6

Rich Dias-Rodrigues and Chris Triantafilis take a week’s worth of social media conversation, as well as in-house blathering, and bring it altogether for you, the reader.

Be sure to leave a comment below, as the point of it all is to organize a place for hockey fans, especially Islander ones, to come and have an intelligent discussion.

How it works: One question. One screen. One poll. Click ‘Next’.

Three in total.



This week’s topics:

  • Will the Islanders deal more than Vanek and MacDonald?
  • What is most important for the lslanders as they wrap up 2013-14?
  • Pat LaFontaine leaves another organization.




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