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Josh Bailey And First Line Minutes

New York Islanders - Josh Bailey

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Yes islander fans you read that headline correctly, now before you start slinging chairs at the computer screen or ask me what kind of medication I’ve not been taking, let’s take a moment to sit and examine the facts of why one could make a case for Josh Bailey to be allowed to ride shotgun with John Tavares and Kyle Okposo. Josh Bailey, 1st and foremost is a defensively responsible forward which would help add a little bit of defence to a prolific scoring line, which at times we all saw get exploited for its lack of defence by all 3 forwards.

Along with the defensive capability of Bailey he brings his pass 1st mentality to the top line. In all actuality, Bailey is a pass 1st player almost to a fault. despite him going missing for long periods of time during the season he managed to rack up 30 assists. 30 assists is a pretty respectable number and is one that stands to increase if he is on a line with players who can shoot the puck like Okposo and Tavares can. Also, lets not forget that Josh Bailey can score, he has a great release on his wrist shot and has the hands to be a dynamic scorer on a top line.

Another point that we can make in Bailey’s favor, is that he already has proven success playing on a line with Kyle Okposo. Now with Okposo finally proving he can play on a top line with Tavares, i think the finesse and crafty playmaking that Bailey brings to a line can complement the bullish style that Okposo brings to the table. Although there are points in favor of Bailey getting top line minutes, there is also the simple fact that he’s really done nothing to deserve them and his lack of consistency could cause the whole top line to slump at times. But that’s why having up and coming forwards such as Anders Lee or Brock Nelson is nice, because if Bailey were to struggle, he could be replaced by another forward with skill and high upside.

I firmly believe that the Islanders have come to a point of where it’s time to sink or swim for Josh Bailey to sink or swim, is he a top 6 winger in this league? or is he destined for sub 40 point seasons mired in inconsistent play? I personally don’t think it’s totally out of the realm of possibility for Bailey to put up 50 points and chip in with 15-20 goals. It’s all about Bailey finding that consistency that has eluded him in his career thus far. If he can find it, he will be hearing the praise of the Islanders faithful, if he can’t then he will forever be known as that player who never lived up to his draft status.



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  • Louie Carollo

    As much as I would love to see Bailey become a top player, I think having him on the top line would be a MAJOR disaster. We need a legit winger for JT and KO. If Bailey is the starting LW on the top line in the next coming season it will have been a colassal failure on Garths part!

  • TheLittlestHobo

    Garth just needs to be fired and the entire organization needs to be blown up for when they move to Brooklyn including new logo colors and uniform…the orange and blue is now no more than a disgrace

  • FitzWilly

    was i the only one that noticed Bailey’s game pick up when he played with Strome
    Strome made him look good, and will be a far better player than Bailey over the few seasons
    The sooner we can dump JB the better
    Strome for Prez :)

  • aidanm

    Erik Karlsson Ladies & Gentlemen, Erik Freaking Karlsson

    • FitzWilly

      that sux hugely :(