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Greetings from the “ISLAND”

By Gary Harding

Hello all,

My name is Gary Harding, and I will be writing on this Eyes on Isles Fan Sided Page.

First, I would like to thank Jeff from the Blackhawks Blog on Fan Sided, as well as Zach and all the folks at Fan Sided, for letting me take you to the wonderful world of Blogging about the New York Islanders.

Next –> a little about me:  I have been an Islander season ticket holder since the lat 80’s, a former President of the New York Islanders Booster Club, as well as a current member of the Islanders Blog Box.  The Blog Box are a bunch of Islander fans, who have the unique ability to have media cridentials during home games, allowing us to be in the locker room and the coach’s press conference after games.  It is such a cool thing to be able to get more of a ‘behind the scenes’ information after a hockey game.  Although I have never played the game on ice (real bad knees), I consider myself a student of the game, and feel that I know enough to give an opinion that may not be always 100% correct, but not just a draw on straws.  I also try to be as optimistic as possible (not to be a hiney-kisser to the team), but just trying to always look at the glass with fluid, as opposed to empty or on fumes.

With this team, that can be difficult at times, but possible, nevertheless.  Starting with tonight, the Isles look to finally get in the “W” column against the Hurricanes.  The Isles went 0-4 against the Nascar, oh, I mean Canes last season, and look to turn their fortunes around tonight.  The boys are quite aggravated about talking the ‘need to play a 60 minute game’.  It is time to put the talk into action.

Goaltending has been sluggish to say the least.  Right now – if we get to a shootout – #30 is giving me the heebee-jeebees!

The lines will be shaken up a bit with the return of the Danish Force, Franz Nielsen.  He will be on a line with Kyle Okposo – who is carrying a six game scoring streak.  Doug Weight will be on the line with John Tavares and Matt Moulson – this year’s diamond in the rough.

The Canes are struggling out of the gate, and can be taken tonight.  Once again – the Isles, if they get the early advantage – need to make a sustained effort to play a solid FULL game. 

Well – that’s it for today.  Thanks for checking on the blog, and please comment often.  I will try and give some insights from the locker room when I am working games, as well as make my own observations on the team, hence my EYES on the ISLES!

Have a hockey day!