In a word…. YUCK!

By Gary Harding

Momentum was there – a victory on the previous night – I said to myself,

Self — Maybe we can get a road win…???

Erm, uh NO!

Team was, in a word, BAD!

The only plus I will give will be to Josh Bailey, for finally getting off the schneid and getting a Shortie when he took advantage of a Halak gaffe.

A draw for Biron.  Although he gave up 5, some of his 38 saves were brilliant!

Martinek, although I praised him the other day – he was horrible, and he knew it.  I think Bruno may have learned his lesson, and may see some playing time.  Maybe giving a Martinek or Witt a scratch here and there – may draw some reflection.

Well – write this day off and get ready for the Caps – that should be exciting.  Well at least the building may be close to a sell out from what I have heard.  Why not – they want to see JT! – oh yeah, I forgot Ovie!

Have a great hockey day folks!