NY Islanders News

Can Ovie be stopped?

By Gary Harding

As Dan Patrick always said on ESPN – they can only hope to contain him…..

As a coach – you have to tell your players that.  With a team like those Capitals- you can not just work on holding down #8 – you need to look at the big picture.  There are other guys that will beat you (except I heard a bird whisper in my ear – that Alex Semin may be out tonight).  Green on the “D” line is a big threa, and the Caps run three solid lines, that can come out of the woodwork, and make you pay.

This is a game that can make a statement… Come out and be strong, and surprise some others.  Kyle Okposo, speaking to the media, said that he vividly remembers the games that the Caps won on the Island, where Ovechkin put on a clinic.  The Isles have to close down the clinic, and put on their own.

I need to see the team be as aggressive as possible – without having to let the team down.  There is word that the crowd may be big tonight – more to see Ovie, I’m sure.

Would assume that Roloson is in net.  Hopefully the confidence from the other night’s victory will give the team some added boost.  Jose Theodore should be between the pipes for the visitors.

Will we see Weight back tonight?  Not sure, but from reports, Okposo and Tavares will be reunited tonight.  Will hope that Ovie will have another blah performance that he had the other night with Atlanta.

I will give my post game analysis tomorrow.

All 30 teams are playing tonight – and if you have the NHL package, you are in heaven!