Another collapse? Not exactly

By Gary Harding

I think the Isles played a good game.  I think there were some moments where the team seemed to lose their intensity.  But the team did get back to what they needed to do – but just could not make the chances happen.

Unlike other games where the 3rd period was a total collapse and failure.  To these guys, it was not a bad effort.  Two of Washington’s goals, including th gme winner, were deflections and re-directions of pucks – not necessairily a failure of the team to clear the front of the net.

Tambellini got his first – and played a much better game. Martinek was definitely the most improved player oin the ice from the last game.  Moulson and Tavares were relatively invisible.

The winning goal was scored on what looked to be a deflection off of Mark Streit.  Speaking to the media, he really was not sure if he was the culprit.


1.  Martinek – truly a transformation.  He was a vast improvement over his last few games.

2.  Tambellini – trying to make the most of his chances. The folks in the Blog Box were thinking that Tambellini was taking too many low percentage shots – and he gets a deflection goal about 30 seconds later.

3.  Gervais – played a smart game – not too many chances.


1.  Top line – the Caps did a good job of stopping them – making them nearly invisible to the naked eye.

2.  The ‘attempt to get the crowd into the game with some cheesy routines (getting folks to turn on their cell phones -and maybe only about 20 were on).  Having a ‘hungry hungry hippos’ contest in the second intermission.

Today – the Isles head back to Montreal for a date tomorrow with the Habs.  The Rangers are the next visitors to the Coliseum on Wednesday.  The Caps get the Isles in DC on Friday.  Three tough games, and I really believe that if the Isles play they way that the played last night – I think they can get a win.  Tune into MSG+ to see if they can.