NY Islanders News

Deja Vu All Over Again

By Gary Harding

Four days after facing the Habs on Thursday night – the Isles are back in Quebec to face Les Habitants again.  So for a bit – I am going to write a little in French.

"De que les Insulaires ont-ils besoin faire, pour gagner ce jeu ce soir ? C’est tout à fait simple ; prendre le jeu de th ils ont joué le jeudi soir, et faire le contraire."

Basically – it translates to do the OPPOSITE of what they did on Thursday, and they have a chanc to get a win tonight.  They need to come out with more of a purpose.  If they play this game like they did on Saturday against Washington – there is a possibility for a “W”.

"Comme Al Davis dirait, « Juste le bébé de victoire » !"

Just get us a “W” folks!