NY Islanders News

Game 1 tonight

By Gary Harding

And someone is NOT talking about the Yankees – Phillies World Series Game…

Game 1 of the ISLANDER – RANGER rivalry is tonight.  This is one time – that I really can believe that we may not see a sold out Coliseum tonight.  There is so much interest on the Battle in the Bronx – that this game, which would be a big thing – just may not be…

The Rangers got off to a tremendous start – with Marian Gaborik putting the fire to this team, according to Henrik Lundqvist, just like Jagr did for them a few years back.  Gaborik left the ice in the third frame of the game on Monday with an apparent leg injury.  His status is up in the air – and then likely, so is the Rangers.

The Isles SHOULD get the Captain back tonight.  He will be a help to the youngsters.  Biron in net?  I would lean that way – with the performance he had on Monday.

Every Islander-Ranger game always brings the excitement – always brings the passion – always brings the fights in the stands.  Let’s see what happens tonight.

Go get em Isles!  Have a hockey day everyone!