NY Islanders News

Stop the Capital Offense

By Gary Harding

Ovechkin had two more goals night – lifting him to 13 for the season already.  Seeing some clips of the game – I noticed that Atlanta just did not keep Ovie to the outside.  They just let him move around at free will.  Yes – he can beat you from the outside too – but the odds are more in your favor.

Well – the Isles have to remember what they did last Saturday with them, and re-apply that formula; it’s like having to put that second coat of sun-tan lotion on later in the day.  You think you have it under control, but the afternoon sun will break down the lotion, and you get burned,, anyway.

Martinek – who has been a total transformation over the past week – needs to re-focus on #8, while keeping his eyes around the rink.  Can the effort the Isles showed on Wednesday night be there again?  You have a CAPS team that is coming off a win last night – and a early AM arrival home.  The first few minutes are crucial – get them before the sea legs set in.  Getting a goal quickly (especially in the first few minutes) – can swing momentum and confidence to your side and bring the results that you are looking for.

What I have been looking for – is what I call SUSTAINED AGGRESSIVENESS.  Not playing back on their heels.  Knowing your role, and playing your game (as Herb Brooks would say).  Just treating the 1 goal lead as if it was tied – by playing smart on both ends of the ice.

Get that first road W under your belt, and something nice can happen.  Then come home – get some rest, and be ready for the Sabres.  Looking forward to seeing the Halloween jerseys that the guys will be wearing during warmups.

Have a HOCKEY DAY, folks!