NY Islanders News

Going for 3

By Gary Harding

As Lou Brown would say in the movie Major League 2:

"You win three in a row – we got ourselves a winning streak"

Tonight is the chance for the boys to get on the streak.  Right now – the Isles are tied with the Flyers for fourth in the Division.  Yes, Philly has two games in hand, but hey no one ever thought the Isles would get on track.

Tonight – Buffalo comes in.  Losers of only ONE game in regulation this season.  No one has done better than the Sabres.  No big stat numbers.  Tim Connolly, remember him?  He leads the team with 10 points in ten games.  The stat that you have to look at – is the defense.

Ryan Miller – 8-0-1 .944 Save %, 1.61 GAA.

That is outstanding.  Especialy when Brian Burke and the rest of the Team USA management are going to select their team for the Vancouver Olympics.  Miller has a great chance to be the #1 netminder for the team.  That is the $64,000 question (now – with inflation – it is 2.5 Billion!)…

What do the Islanders do with this question?  It seems to be the opposite of what the Isles had to do with the Caps last night.  However, it is not that much different.  You have to take the Sabres off their game.  In the case of Buffalo, over the Caps, you have to get the defense off their game – and try to expose a weakness to Miller.

So what would I do ?

Clog the middle, and shoot, shoot, shoot.  The Isles did not have as many shots as I wold have  expected last night.  In fact, for both sides, it was a pretty sloppy game.  But – bottom line, the team did not dwindle to the pressure (even though they gave up 18 shots in the 3rd frame), and they saw the great effort by Tavares in getting away from the Caps defender and get the puck to a streaking Mark Streit.

So – keep the shooting up Isles – and maybe we can be 4-4-5 when the night is over.

Have a Hockey Day folks!