Well we’re moving on up…..

By Gary Harding

"To the east side,To that deluxe apartment in the sky.We’re moving on up;To the east(up the standings) side,We’ve finally got a piece of the pie!"

That theme song from the Jeffersons has some good meaning now…  A convincing win in Boston, coupled with the 1-0-2 record in the first three road games, hopefully gives the Isles a little more respect value in the league.  With a record of 8-6-7, they are at a position where no expert could have even thought they would be close to.

And of course, the best surprise of this season has to be the play of Matt Moulson.  I am sure that LA Kings management are saying to themselves, “why did he not do this for us?”

Thank you Los Angeles!

JT gets another goal and has 8 points in his last 4 games.  Oh yea, Tavares is over rated, he will have a lot of difficulty and will not be the player he was in Juniors.  Those are the same people that would have made him King of Canada, if he was drafted by a Canadian team.  But since he is an Islander, he will struggle.  HA!

Hillen is improving by the minute.  He impresses me with his poise.  He looks like a 10 year vet.

Andy McDonald had a decent game, with a +1.  He did not disappoint.

Park was a nice addition to JT and Moulson, getting 3 helpers.  He was involved, and made his presence felt.

Hunter – a point a game guy… Notice how the team has done, since he has returned to the lineup.  Coincidence?  I think not.  His return spreads the lines, and allows the second and third lines to be more valuable.

Boy – were we talking about how inconsistent Roloson was to start the season; can we not eat crow?  He was BRILLIANT!  He is not showing his 40 year old actual age, and making some monster saves; especially on the 5 on 3.

The boys deserve a day off after that great first half of the trip.  A couple of practices and then off to the midwest with games in Minnesota and St. Louis.  Two teams that are not peaking, giving the Isles a chance to sneak up and take some more points.  They are now a team with the coaching staff behind them, that will not be cocky, and play smart.

Should be a fun week for the boys.  Enjoy the ride!