Go to your room, dads!

By Gary Harding

No support tonight in the 4-0 loss.

Roloson looked a little ordinary.  The team was a flat as a silver dollar pancake.  It will happen over the course of an 82 game season. Write it off and move on.

The Isles get to work on beating new coach Peter Laviolette and the Flyers on Tuesday.  Yes – Peter and the Flyers.  That is tough to swallow.  I want to see how much of a transformation that team takes, from the strong and physical team, to a offensive, skating and puck possession team that Coach Laviolette craves for.

Back to the Isles. I think that at times – this team needs a reality dosage, but they are going to have to become more consistent – in order to move up the echelon of the Eastern Conference.

But come on – wasn’t it nice to say, LAST PLACE RANGERS, the other day….. All the crap that I hear about how great they are – and they have mre reguation losses that we do.  They are not that great…

Enough of that.

Hopefully on Tuesday, the fortunes will change, and the boys will remember their offensive skills.

Have a hockey day, folks, and speak soon.