NY Islanders News

Welcome back Peter (well – sort of)

By Gary Harding

It is nice to see our old coach back in the game.  I am sure that he has been chomping at the bit – waiting for his shot to get back behind the bench.  Although he did a nice job at TSN – and has a slight gift of gab – he is a coach – and coaches coach.

But tonight – as it was for the past few years that he was in the league, he is the opponent now.  And like other fans of the Isle, I believe that it looks wierd that Peter would be behind the bench of the Bad Boy Flyers.

Peter is in the process of changing the culture and how the team will play, which I am sure will make people in the Philly area choke on their cheesesteaks.

Overall – it will be nice to see Peter back – but I will not wish him luck today.

After the stinker on the last game on Saturday in Tampa – it is up to the eyes of the Islander players to step up the tempo, and make the Flyers get back on their heels.  The Flyers are just not scoring – losing 7 of 8 and averaging just under a goal and a half per game.  Get the tempo up right away, and make the Flyers have to play d all night is the panacea that this team needs.

The offensive guys need to get their game back.  Hunter and Moulson are just the ones that need to go, for the Isles to win.  Obviously that is what is needed.  I am not stating anything that we all don’t know.  But just do it.

BTW – last night – I had the pleasure of attending the Islanders Booster Club meeting last night.  They had Islanders President Chris Dey as the guest.  We were there for over two hours, and were given some great insight into the team, as well as understanding a little more about how the business side of the team is handled.  Chris was a great guest, and was not only a funny speaker, but gave me a lot of info that I did not know about the team.  Thanks for coming, Chris!

Have a hockey day folks, and enjoy the Isles being on National TV tonight on Versus.