NY Islanders News

Where did the effort go?

By John Panarese

Heavy forechecking, a good cycle, aggressive play, shots on goal and overall control of the game. These are elements that have defined much of the successful play of the Isles this season. Many times, the boys simply took over a game and forced the better teams in the NHL back on their heels. Scott Gordon’s system is a thing of beauty when it is executed consistently by the team.

So, where has that gone? From the start, the Flyers owned the game last night. A team that has admitted their fragility and could be easily victimized was given life, found their legs and basically took it to the Isles.

I will say little more than we made some horrible defensive plays and generally looked like the team struggling to “find an identity”. I was surely happy that JT found the twine twice on the PP, but we need offense from more than his line. Shots on net have to Hit the net, and we need to get back to the cycle and heavy forecheck that took the ice away from even the better opponents. On top of that, well, despite 2 goals in the power play, the PP overall Has to operate at something well above 5 or 7 percent.

Let us hope that Scott Gordon’s displeasure translates into one ticked off, fired up Isles hockey club tonight in Toronto. We do not need another super human effort required by Roloson for us. Take it to the Leafs like the Flyers did to us, boys.