Forget about it and move on, but learn from it too

By John Panarese

To me, there is no point in analyzing last night’s game. There is also much that can be said. Actually, there is a Lot that can be said, especially after another embarrassing loss to the Flyers having come less than a week earlier, but it is relatively pointless. The Isles, at least, played two “good” periods, but took the rest of the night off defensively in the third. I don’t believe that Roloson was at fault, as the defensive mistakes were quite glaring and undoubtedly costly.

Since I cannot play the game, as much as God knows if given my sight back by medical miracle or divine intervention, I would Love to, I do not feel “qualified” to criticize or such on the play of an NHL player. I have the utmost respect and admiration for any guy playing in the NHL, regardless of their talent or role on a given team. I certainly know it isn’t “easy”, and to expect perfection every game night is surely impossible.

However, as a fan, my observation is that Scott Gordon might either want to “consider” changing the pairings on defense or, so he can clear his head and regain some perspective, sit Bruno Gervais. I like Bruno and believe he is a good guy on the back line with excellent skating abilities, but with a -12 rating,there have been too many “mistakes” and mental errors by both him and Mark Streit. Last night was not the first “off game” they have had of late.

Despite the record and current play of the Rangers, I hope that the Isles come to the table tomorrow with a lot more emotion, fire and effort. I take nothing for granted on any given night, and though this home and home could “help” the Islanders tremendously if they could take both games, the Rangers can often be like the proverbial “villain” or “monster” in a sci-fi or suspense thriller who you “think” is defeated only to seemingly come back to life for one last attack. The Isles need to come out flying, take the play to the Rangers, bottle up their first line and not let up through 60 minutes, and do it on consecutive nights to boot. Yes, much easier said than done, I know.

So, let us see what character these guys have. Just forget about last night and concentrate on what is ahead this week. Four points can put us right back in the thick of things. Treat this like a playoff series, boys, and win them both!