Ooooooh Boy

By Gary Harding

What a difference a day makes…. 24 little hours.

The message from Torts came through loud and clear.  The goalie did his job.  The power play did theirs.  5-2 win for the visitors.  All three games in this series goes to the white jerseys instead of the blue.

Interesting, aint it?

Kudos to Lundqvist, who played like the “king” that the Ranger fans call him.  I think in 5 on 5 play, the teams were even.  The special teams was the difference, and getting three PP goals, and seeing a PK’er miss the widest net in history, will be the reason why the Isles did not get 2 points last night.  Plain and simple…

Rollie just did not have it.  He has played well, but there will be games that a stinker comes in the start of a match.  Getting 1 shot, as opposed to the Isles 12 in the first half of the first may have something to do with it – and it sounds like a proper reason, but I believe that Rollie will not use that as an excuse.  Basically – he did not get it done.  OK – move on – got a game tomorrow – that fans may not get to – if we get the Nor’Easter we are supposed to see.

Maybe that will deflect the thousands of Habs fans that went last year….

Well – if I make the game – I will be in the Blog box – if not – I will be at home safe and warm.  Check my other site…

www.viewfromsection317.com to see if I am covering the game live.

Have a hockey day, folks!