Lackluster 3rd crashes Isles

By Gary Harding

The skates did not seem to be wearing out; the effort just seemed to be less for me than it was in the prior two periods.  Losing the battles in the corners, not making solid passes – the team just did not seem to be there in the third stanza.

The power play in a word, anemic!

10 of the last 17 times that the Isles have been on the kill, the opponent has scored.  That is a lousy statistic.

Kudos to Thompson for getting his first, and Hunter for getting off the schneid.  There are guys that are playing hard, and guys that seem as lost as a 4 year old in Macy’s.  A ‘back to basics’ practice needs to be put on these boys.

As Andy Sutton said to the media last night, ‘…negativity breeds negativity.’

This game to me was a litmus test on how this team has progressed in its maturity and development.  It is a step back.

This team also needs its captain.  I know that he is rehabbing – but they really need Weight during this process.  I am sure that he is with the guys, as well as being supportive and such.  But this team, more than any I know, really needs a guy to take the reins, and motivate the players.  I know that Dougie is that guy.  Hopefully, that will be a new year’s present for us.

Onto Columbus Toronto tomorrow.  Have a hockey day everyone!