NY Islanders News

Welcome Back – and back on the road again

By Gary Harding

Where should Ricky be in this picture

Can’t you just hear the music right now?

Three goalies on the road trip.  Should be interesting…  I am not totally convinced on how Ricky will react to the NHL play, as his play in the AHL was not totally star quality.

However, this is the ‘project’ and we need to see him in uniform.  I am not saying this negatively, but he needs to get back to work.

I feel bad for Marty B on this, but he KNEW what he was getting into – before he signed on for us.

Where should he start?  Phoenix?  Dallas?  I would push towards Dallas.  Dallas is more of a defensive club than Phx, and lately, the Yotes are more offensive.

Rollie should still get most of the work.  Without him – we would probably have Taylor Hall wrapped up.

Colorado should be a good test.  What a great story they are.  Worst to first in the division, and almost the league too.  With a rookie coach, the loss of their star, and a much different nucleus, this team is running on all cylinders.

Time for the Isles to play a smart road game, and make the best of their chances.  Get the offense going, but I know that Anderson has been a great story too.

Make your chances work – and steal 2 points.