Schremp with highlight reel goal and Okie with the winner.

By Gary Harding

Okie gets the winner.

I was falling asleep on the couch, when my wife alerted me to check out the replay.  I did not believe my eyes at first, but it was more impressive watching it again and again.

This kid has some sick skills.  Edmonton’s loss is our gain.

This was just what the Isles needed.  A solid victory on the road.  Winning in regulation is quite  a nice concoction.

Okie’s goal was also a great job of taking advantage of opportunities.  With a Colorado defensiveman losing his edge, the Isles made the most, and Kyle made them pay.

The team held down the Avalance onslaught, and preserved the victory.  Just a solid yeoman effort.  Now to the land of the Star…

Does Ricky play this game?  I don’t see any reason not to.  I think this would be a good test for him.  When Colorado scored so early on, and totally controlled the tempo, I was starting to think about the fact, that we may see #39 earlier than most people thought; but a great job by Rollie – gaining his control and played solid.

However, it would be nice to see Ricky back.  And the better he plays, the more that teams will be sweetening their pots for acquiring Marty Biron.  Despite the record, he has been a solid citizen and done his best for the team.  Not his fault, but the team just did not produce for him. He should get some serious interest, and GM Snow is going to take his time.  This is a good position for him to be in.

Have a hockey day folks, and talk soon after the Stars game on Friday!