NY Islanders News

4 out of 6 points are certainly not bad

By John Panarese

Sorry for the absence. I spent an unexpected five days in the hospital and, hopefully, with a doctor’s visit at the end of the week, I should be back to shooting off my big mouth more regularly. It stinks to get old, folks.

Well, a win in Colorado and Phoenix and a loss that probably should not have occurred in Dallas. Still, when the smoke clears, we still sit in the midst of the “playoff” race with 46 points in the conference standings. I honestly don’t know at the moment where that places us, as I have been without any internet access and just catching up today with the world of hockey and the Islanders.

Okie and Bailey and Simmer are hot, and if Ricky can work himself back up to top form, the Isles could be that annoying fly buzzing the 7 or 8 spot and generally making it tough on the other teams seeking a playoff birth. This road trip put the boys against some pretty good competition and, in particular, the win against the Avalanche was the most impressive outcome. We picked up 4 of the 6 possible points, which, to me, was quite an accomplishment for a team the “experts” predicted would be out of playoff contention by now.

Anyway, it’s good to be back and out of the hospital. The Red Wings are our opponents tonight, so let’s hope we can surprise the boys from Detroit.