NY Islanders News

Ovie comes a’callin…

By Gary Harding

The last time we see the Caps this season (unless it is in the playoffs).  Each of the three games that have preceeded it have been great matches that have all needed extra time (or shootouts) to settle the score; with the last one being an 11 round nail-biter.

I am expecting nothing but the same tonight.  Each Cap game, the Isles came out playing hard and strong.  This shoujld be no different.  Having Andy Sutton return from his 2 game hiatus should be a welcome addition.  Dustin Kohn played admirably in his first 2 NHL contests, and have nothing to hold his head down for.

This stage would be a good one for JT to return to his form.  He is suffering from what Matt Duchene had in the early part of the season.  It is not that he is not involved; it is just a ‘funk’.  A good thing that he has a good head on his shoulders.

Player to watch for:  John Tavares.  (See paragraph above)…

Ovie has not been the biggest factor on these games, but you never know with him.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he can not only take over, but head to another level.  (Sounds like a quarterback, that the Jets don’t want to talk about…)  I would asusme that Andy Sutton will be the man to focus on him tonight.  But with all superstars, you can not over-mark him, because the support staff will step in.

Isles go on the road for four after this game, and are not back until February 6 when the Hurricanes invade Uniondale.

Either John or I will write the recap tomorrow.  Have a hockey day folks!