Not a good time to be sputtering

By John Panarese

OK, it’s 3 losses in a row now. Last night, it was a 4-1 defeat at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes. Granted that the Canes have been playing much better of late, but the Islanders should have shown a lot more in their effort last night. They were actually losing 3-0 with about 5 minutes left in the game before Matt Moulson got them on the scoreboard with his 20th goal of the season. What few chances the Isles had prior to that were either squandered or Ward shut the door for the Canes.

So, the 4 game road trip continues tomorrow with an afternoon matchup against the Flyers and then a Sunday 4 PM game verses the Panthers. The trip concludes on Thursday in Tampa, so the Islanders will really have to pull it together. Chances to hop over the log jam in the standings are being lost, and they must get the proverbial train back on the tracks.

Still, with a 23-23-8 record totaling 54 points at the 54 game mark, the New York Islanders are still very much alive in the Eastern Conference standings. Once again, we are reminded that this young group of guys is a work in progress, and the bumps in the road are going to be encountered. It’s time, however, for the boys to collectively pick themselves up and go back to playing with confidence and intensity. Forget about last night and move along, gentlemen.