NY Islanders News

Another loss to Philly – heading to the sun

By Gary Harding

What else is new.  Why can this team can not beat this Flyer group?

This team was not playing a horrible game.  5 on 5 – they looked well.  As in the game the other night with Carolina.  What is the problem?

According to the MSG broadcast, there were two issues that the Isles needed to solve:

  1. Keep the speed up (which they did)
  2. Not to take silly penalties (which they did too…)

Nathan Gillies was brought up to be an enforcer role – but only played 3:16 in this game.  Due to the tight nature of the score of the game – there really was not  a need to get him in the game.  Today, with the Isles heading into South Florida, it will be the same issue – try to get moments to get him shifts in the game.  To the average fan – it may seem that it is a waste of a spot in the lineup.

What do the Isles need to do?   In my opinion – swarm….

They need to get fully activated in this game.  They need to shoot more.  As a team without a great deal of goals in the last few games, the panacea is to shoot more.  As former Ranger Rod Gilbert said, “… you can’t score a goal, if you don’t shoot the puck.”  It seems to be a real obvious answer, but to get it into 18 skaters, is sometimes a little difficult to do.

Tomas Vokoun is on the nets for Florida, and has been quite tough on Islander shooters in the past.  I believe that Florida has not lost a home to the Isles when #29 in red is between the pipes.

Time as any to reverse the curse.