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Waiting for Tampa – Another former Isle goes to the dark side

By Gary Harding

I know they are at practice down in Sunrise, but hey – it’s Florida…..

Tampa is the next destination before two home games to end this week and start the next.  Hopefully – the guys will be on the mark, and get their scoring touch back.

Good to see Marty B getting some conditioning at the Port.  He needs to be sharp – especially is he gets dealt soon.

I still like the 5 on 5 play, even though no pucks are getting through.  You just have to keep on plugging away.  Right now – with the timing – get the aggressiveness up – because in less than 10 days, you will get some cooling off time (well – except for Mr. Streit).  Leave it all out there.

Would think Rollie will be in tomorrow – and Rick for Carolina (to exact some revenge).

Also – have to comment on the Jokinen deal.  I think this will blow up in Sather’s face.  Does he really think that this will be a help?  Other than Gaborik, the rest of the offense on the Rangers is anemic to say the least.  And Tortorella puts the new #12 with Gaborik….  Silly, if you ask me.

Well – we will see what happens, but this team is just like ours – they just can not score.  Stop Gaborik and you have a real good chance to win, because there is little help out there…

Had to add this picture, is this a beaut, or what (with thanks to AP).

Have a hockey day!