NY Islanders News

Limping home

By Gary Harding

0 for the road on this stretch.  The team did not gel the way that they hoped for.  With Witt and Biron at the Port – the AHL team has gotten older.

From all accounts, Witter will be there for the remainder of the season.

This is tough, and it will make all the amateur GM’s in training wonder what will happen.  I really feel that Garth will stand his ground and continue the process.  He should.  Why change the colors in mid stream.  There are moments when this team is brilliant, and adding a player make make the chemistry not as bright as it should be.

Tomorrow Carolina comes a callin.  They had an interesting road trip in western Canada, and now face the Isles.  Cam Ward is hot – and loves playing and beating the Isles.  What do the Isles need to do…..???

Shoot, shoot and shoot some more.  Get traffic to the net, and make your presence felt.  The minute you let yourself drop your guard, your meat!

Hopefully, the limp goes away, and the positive walk begins…