7 is not a winner at this game

By Gary Harding

I heard the Black Eyed Peas song in the morning, and I had a feeling that last night was going to be a good good night.

Well – it was not.

The streak has hit 7, and it is beginning to look like the end for the boys in blue and orange.

It is not that the team is not getting opportunities – they ARE.  It is not they they are not outshooting their opponents; they ARE.  It is just not seeing their work get to hit the twine.

With the look on JT’s face (right) – you can tell that the frustration is setting in – and not much is making the team be able to get out of the duldrums.

There isnt much relief in sight – with a home match against the Preds on Tuesday.  Going to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, then Tampa and Ottawa visit the team on Valentine’s day weekend.  This is not going to be easy.

The big question for fans, is what will Garth Snow do.  Will he move anymore players?  Will he still keep his core.  With Biron and Witt now at the Port – how much more movement will be coming on the horizon.

It is getting tough for the fans.  I just do not know how this will improve.  are the players buying into the coach?  I think so.  I just think it is nothing short of snake bit.

Plusses – Frans Nielsen is continually getting better.  It is too bad that he will not get a mention for he Lady Byng.  Over 50 games this season, an only 2 minutes in penalties.  He plays hard, but especially CLEAN.  His skills, especially on the penalty kill are quickly getting know around the NHL.  He is less known due to his Denmark heritage (that hotbed of hockey).  However, he is starting to make teams tke notice of him.

Comeau also had a decent game, setting up Frans’ goal, and played an overall solid game.  He has made his stand since returning to the lineup.

Take heart Islander fans – this team WILL improve.  However, it willl not happen this season – but the best is yet to come.  I would like to see this stop at 8.  C’mon Islanders – get it done.