NY Islanders News

3rd period blows for Isles again.

By Gary Harding

Around the middle of the second period, Versus was interviewing Peter Laviolette on the bench and was asking him what he needed to have the team do.  Peter replied by saying that the defense should get more involved in the play, and basically get the forecheck going.

Well – I guess the players heard it.

From that point on – the Isles were done like a bad piece of toast.

The Flyers began to respond, and respond they did.  Nailing two PP goals, the final nail with under 5 minutes remaining in the contest, propelling the Flyers to a 3-2 victory, and their 15th in a row against the fading Orange and Blue.

You can just see this was going to happen, from that interview on.  Some players looked like horrific scared players.

Especially for number 8.

I do not think that Bruno got a puck out of the defensive zone in the 3rd period.  His decision making was pathetic.  He was making Mark Streit look bad, and that says a lot.  Granted, Bruno set up both goals, but when the team needed it – he was as lost as a beagle in the woods.

Thank goodness, that JT finally got one in.  1 in 18, is tough to swallow, but he is a pro, and will persevere.  I think that this was what he needed to get his game in gear.  He looked a lot better after he notched the goal.  KO also looked better, and it was the first time since November that KO and JT scored in the same game.

More bad news – Rob Schremp is out for the year with a torn meniscus.  Once again – it will look like Jeff Tambellini will get another chance to prove himself.  Someone please put a cattle prod on him, and get him awake.  God – he can be SO GOOD when he is on.  But so often this season, he is Griffin the scientist in the HG Wells book, “The Invisible Man!”

Well – another inter-conference matchup tonight as the Blues come into town.  Can we see a win tomorrow?  God – they need some spark.  Maybe a hot foot in the locker room will do.

Then the Isles have weekend matchups at home with the Devils and the Leafs before I and the Isles head out to the West Coast next week.  Look for some sunshine blogging from California next week!

Have a hockey day, folks!