NY Islanders News

So, Vancouver media, what were you saying about the Islanders again?

By John Panarese

It was a bit too late for me to stay up and catch the whole game, so Gary will be able to comment more completely on it, as he was there in Vancouver. The Islanders went into Vancouver pretty much declared by the Vancouver media as not being even worth the Canuck’s time and from my understanding, there was an article that listed just how much better the Canucks are in various categories.

I will not argue the fact that the Isles might not have the talent of the Vancouver Canucks, and the Canucks are definitely going to make the playoffs. I also have a great deal of respect for the Canucks team as well. However, it truly bothers me when the media does all the talking and what they have to say only ends up being bulletin board material for the Islanders. Apparently, the “talking” should have been held until After the game.

So, as occurred last season when the Canucks visited the island, the Islanders ended up with the 2 points. In this case, it was a 5-2 victory, and John Tavares had an impressive 5 point night, scoring 2 goals. I would have to say that this was probably JT’s best effort of the season, and the Isles also beat the gold metal winning goaltender for team Canada as well in Roberto Luongo.

Again, Gary can add details, but all I can say for the sake of the Vancouver media is the word, LOSS, is spelled the same there as it is here. Folks, that’s why the games are actually played. On any given night, yes, the Canucks probably could have handled the Islanders with little trouble, but last night wasn’t that night.