NY Islanders News

Duck Season

By Gary Harding

After a great win against the Canucks – and getting to see the win live, it is onto Anaheim, as the Ducks are the opponents.  Looking for a 4 game streak, the boys may not be sitting in a playoff spot, but this trip is the chance for these guys to make a stand.

JT had the game of his life the other night.  2 goals, 5 points, and done just about EVERYTHING that needed to be done. This break was exactly the panacea that he needed to get his season to finish in the right way.  Will he be the next Stamkos?  I think that he can do just that; it may have ended up happening a little later that he and team would have wanted.

What to the Islanders need to do?  Simply – they need to look at the Tuesday game – and continue that effort.  All four lines were rolling – and the goaltending was there.  Not spectacular, but good.  I would  believe that Biron be in net tonight with Rollie taking on the Kings.

Stay up for this game – it should be a cracking one.