Almost…. but not enough

By Gary Harding

Unfortunately, another two goal lead heading into period 3 was squished, and OT really hurt a lot.

I was quite excited with the first two periods of the game. JT has continued his strong play, and is looking more and more like a seasoned vet, rather than a lost rookie.  Not just the offensive contribution, but the overall game.  The defensive forechecking, hitting, and making plays for his teammates.  It may have been a little longer of a wait, but I think this is what Islander country were really looking for when he first put on an Islander uniform aout 9 months ago.

As far as the rest of the team goes, it was great to see Kyle back, after that mystery injury.  There was a great deal of chemistry going with Bergie and Bailey.

Another one that has impressed me even more than JT and Kyle, is Freddy Meyer.  In the last 5 games, he has overwhelmingly been our best defensemen.  His checks have been excruciating to his opponents.  He has also had the occasional goal to add to his resume.

Despite five goals given up – I thought that Marty had a decent game.  He had to make some great side-to-side saves, and in most cases, was in good positions.  The tying goal was a mass screen job, and he had no chance to have a look at the puck.  The final goal, however, was one that he definitely would want to take back.

Did Trevor Gillies have a shift last night?

Jack Hillen was not out there as much as I would have thought either.

I would honestly say that when it was loud for the goals, Honda Center crowds were real placid and quiet.  The arena was OK.  It was not as impressive as many of the others that I have been to.  Also – for those Islander fans moaning and groaning about the Parking going up – it is $20 here.  Get used to it.  No other place that I have been to lately has anything under $15 to park at the arena.  There were $5 lots about 1/2 mile walk, but get used to fact that we have been SPOILED.

Well – onto Los Angeles for the Kings tonight.  I am glad that we did get a point last night, but two against a strong LA team would be a nice ending to the road trip out west, and keeps the slim chance of getting to the promised land of playoff city.

But one thing that I can tell you – the weather in LA is beautiful!  I could get used to it.