A lost weekend

By John Panarese

Well, on top of blowing a 4-2 lead to the Ducks and losing an extra point, the Isles could not muster a single goal last night against the Los Angeles Kings. Jonathan Quick and company blanked the Isles 1-0 on a first period goal by Brad Richardson.

I was not home for the game and it was another of those late, west coast games anyway. On top of that, I actually stayed up to listen to the entire game on Friday only to go to bed disappointed, so I don’t know if I would have been able to get myself to hang in their for another one that late.

In any event, the Isles mustered 26 shots on net and from what I’ve read, their best chance was on a power play in the second period when John Tavares could not knock down a puck in the air and then was stopped when he got off a back-hand on net. Beyond that, both the Islanders and Kings were 0 for 4 on the PP, and the Richardson goal ended up being the one that stood up in the end.

So, the Isles go into MSG on Wednesday evening to play the inconsistent Rangers, and then finally come home to meet the Flames on Thursday. It is truly nearing “crunch time”, so the points are going to have to be Desperately won from this point on.