NY Islanders News

Truly disgusting and utterly disappointing

By John Panarese

It is pointless to even recap or talk about last night’s loss to the Rangers. Few Isles decided to show up to play, and Dwaine Roloson surely deserved a much better fate. At this point in the season, regardless of of the standings, one would have expected the Islanders to play with far more passion and desperation. Giving up 14 shots in the first ten minutes of the game clearly indicated which team wanted it more, and it didn’t get any better for the blue and orange afterwards.

So, here I am sitting with much egg on my face after my last post about playing for pride or draft position. To me, this was not a way to show any pride or desire to make the best of the remaining part of the season. Short of destroying the Rangers in the final match on Tuesday at Nassau Colosseum, this game will leave a very bad taste in the mouths of many Islander fans for quite some time. There is nothing more that I can think of saying at this point.