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Rangers at Islanders, the last meeting in 2010 and the rivalry

By John Panarese

So, tonight is the final meeting between the Islanders and Rangers of the 2009-2010 season. At this point, with Boston and Atlanta both having lost last night, this is a very big game for the Rangers if they want to stay in contention for the 8th and final playoff spot. As much as it might be considered a more “slim” chance for the Islanders, a win for them would put them 6 points back of that position in the Eastern Conference Standings. So, in effect, this final match up does have more “meaning” than some would probably give it.

After last weeks embarrassing showing at MSG for the Isles, I can only hope that the guys have that lack of effort in mind as they get ready to take the ice again. Regardless of the “value” of this game for either team, the Islanders should approach the contest with some form of “retribution” in mind as far as trying to win. They lead the season series 3-2, but more importantly, a 5-0 beating needs to be responded to with some definitive effort and passion. As I said earlier, the “bad taste” left in the mouths of Islander fans last week needs to be washed away with a big victory.

From what I have read, the Islanders seem to understand how “big” this game is, but I also recall having read similar sorts of comments prior to last Wednesday’s game at MSG in which the players basically stated that they didn’t need any “inspiration” to get themselves “up” for a game against the Rangers. Well, it’s take #2 boys. Put your collective efforts where your mouths are this time. At least, let’s score some goals on the blue shirts ….