To me – I blame the coach

By Gary Harding

I usually do not like to assign  blame for a loss.  If you win – it is a team win – if you lose – it’s a team loss.

However, I think that the powers that be need to recognize when a change to the momentum or kismet needs to be done.  This was not accomplished last night.

Scott Gordon, in my opinion, NEEDED to take a time out and calm down the troops after the Rangers got their second goal.  After an outstanding first period where just about every aspect of their game was flawless, the Islanders went back on their heels.  The passing was not crisp, the battles were being lost, it just looked like the guys were not in the game.  Although we as fans understand that the players were not just going through the motions, appearances may lead one to believe something different.  To me – the coach needed to take a time out, and give the guys  a chance to change perceptions and attempt to get the guys to be in a different direction.

That second goal made a chance in the atmosphere in the building, and effectively took the sails out of the Islanders.

Am I off on that opinion?

Anyway – six games left, and out of the playoffs.  I am still bummed about that, but it is a fact of life.  I can deal with that.  I still feel that this team has improved over the same time 12 months prior, and I feel that with the proper maturation, and an adding of a player or two; I think this team can make some strides for 2010-11.

What do you think?  Let us know.