Isles make it two in a row

By Gary Harding

Great effort all around today.

Was quite impressed by the play of Dylan Reese.  His first few games into his NHL career, he looked like the game was playing him, as opposed to him playing the game.

Then it seemed that a light bulb turned on, like a Harvard student on an all-nighter.

Oh wait a minute – Reese is a Harvard grad.  That explains it.

As each game goes, he has seemed to have a more sound positional game, and knows when to pinch, as well as when to take the chance.  His efforts resulted in his second NHL goal today, in the 5-2 victory over the Ottawa Senators this afternoon.

JT had another two point game, and continues to be a lot stronger on his skates.  He has shown a great deal of second wind today, and in the last few games too.  He is one point shy of 50 for the season, and is just about where I was expecting him to be.  I was looking for 25 goals and 55 points.  Not that bad of a prediction for me, eh?

You wonder if Jon Sim will be getting a Christmas Card from Andy Sutton anytime soon.  Sim just got on the former Islander’s skin so badly, that it got Sutton kicked out of the game, in the 3rd period.

Hillen should have had a star tonight, but he is the type of player that should get more notice, but just doesn’t.  Simply, it is because he just plays the game with a smooth flair, and knows when to take a chance, as well as when to stay back.

Just under 12,000 in attendance for this game, but the crowd was loud, and boisterous.

Although the Islanders are not out of the playoffs mathematically, it is just about said and done.  But for the Sound Tigers, MacDonald, Reese, Kohn, Gillies and Bailey will be heading up the sound for the AHL playoffs (providing that they make it).

A well deserved day off for the boys, as they celebrate the Easter Holiday, before the Tuesday night matchup against Les Habitants de Montreal.

Happy Easter!