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First Review….. Mark Streit

By Gary Harding

For these reviews that John and I will do – we will do it in numeric order.  So since we do not have a #1, I guess #2 will do.

Mark Streit

Here is his stats.

Games 82, Goals 11, Assists 38, Points 49, +- 0, 48 PIM, 9 PPG, 2 GWG, 187 Shots 5.9% efficiency

Yes, the numbers are a little behind last years stellar numbers, but in this season, he did not have to take the defensive scoring load all to himself.  He was able to play fully in all three zones with a little more comfortability.

He was fifth in the league with minutes played per game with over 25.  And with his quiet demeanor, he led by example.  I think players like Andy MacDonald, and Jack Hillen will definitely get some skills and advice from the “A”.

I really think Montreal would like to re-think their position by not re-signing him last year.  They just did not rely on his defensive capabilities and showed the NHL what kind of player he really is.

Mark is a solid foundation for a young defensive corps that have a great base to build on.  With three years to go on his contract, he is showing that the money given to him was defnintely worth it.

I give him a B+ this year.

I am sure that John will add his thoughts on this and grade him too.

Next review – Mark Flood #4.