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Richard Park – how can we forget him…..

By Gary Harding

I was supposed to put this in numerical order – but I forgot Park.  A former Nystrom award winner and all.  Great ciizen and leader for this young squad.

Stats from this season.

81 GP, 9G 22A 28PM, 4GW, -9

That last number at one point was around -20, but it improved as the team showed possible playoff signs in March.

I can NEVER say anything bad about Parkie.  He gives effort, and always seems to be a part of the action when he is out there.  He plays shifts as if it may be the last.  Not to say he is banging heads and working at 120% of his energy level.  He is just smart in his actions.  He is a great PK man, who has helped in many of a shorthanded goal for this team.

For the Dollar value, Park is a great asset.  However, it will be a big decision on management on whether he remains next season.  I think a quiet leader, and great citizen are values that Garth and ownership take real seriously.  Therefore, I hope that he remains next year, as an important cog of this team.

As far as a grade is concerned, I will give him a C+.  I would like to see the +- number to be a little higher, but getting 30 points a year is about where I expect.  If it was just on intangibles, I would put him at an A- level.

Next is Rob Schremp.

Hopefully my Numbers are correct, right John???