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Next review – Trevor Gillies #14

By Gary Harding

First of all – congrats to the Flyers… What an unbelievable upset!  Boston just laid down and died!  And dont use the too many men as an excuse.  If it was called 2 or 3 time in the playoffs, that is one thing, but 33 times?????  No – you just did not get it done, and it is another black eye for Boston sports.  This may hurt worse than Buckner.

Trevor Gillies – 14 games – 1 assist, 75 PIM -2

Yes – the Isles had a very good record when he played, but sorry fans, he is NOT the reason for it.  I like his passion, his ‘stepping up’ and defending his teammates.  He knows when to make the issue be big, and when to back off.

If Trevor was 21, I would really like his future.  However, he is a journeyman, with these 14 games on his NHL resume.  Could I see him back here next year?


However, he would seriously need to step the rest of his game, and not be a 5 minute a game player.  Can he do that at 31?  It is a big question, to see — I would definitely bring him to camp and see what kind of desire he has.

As far as a grade is concerned, I will give him a solid C+.  I am a little tough on the grade, because he needs to step up the rest of the game.

Next up – Jeff Tambellini… This should be a doozy!