NY Islanders News

Congrats to Philly and Chicago

By Gary Harding

Imagine – two teams that dominated the bottom of the standings just three years ago, are playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup starting on Saturday in the City of the Big Shoulders.

It can happen Isles fans!

But first of all, let me congratulate the fans of these two cities, for getting the chance to play for the chalice!  It is a great feeling (I forgot – but I heard it is…).

Enjoy it – and please don’t destroy your city, no matter what the outcome is.  It is not worth it – to loot and destroy because of the result of a hockey match.

All I know is that there will be 23,000 screaming crazies in Chi-town, and about 20,000 in Philly.  Should make for a great series.  Philly is peaking at the right time, and Chicago has just stepped it up a notch after the 1st round.

Who am I rooting for, you ask?  As much respect as I have for Peter Laviolette (a great guy and a tremendous coach), I can not root for the Flyers (sorry Philly folks).   It would be like telling me to be a Phillies fan (just aint happening…) I am hoping that the Hawks get their first championship since 1961.  They truly deserve it (well – both have waited a long time).

My guess – Chicago in 7.  I am going to head on a limb, and say that each team will win one in the road building.  Conn Smythe – either Richards (yes – I can see another Hextall issue happening here) or Buff (I am not going to spell his name).  Niemi also has a shot too.

Looking forward to Saturday.

John will be handling Bergie’s review soon.  Stay tuned.