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Next Review – #21 – Kyle Okposo

By Gary Harding


19G, 33A, 52Pts, -22, 34PIM.

Twice consecutively just missing on the 20 goal plateau, but career record in points with 52.

He is progressing just as I would expect of him when he was drafted from the USHL.   He has flashes of brilliance; to me – a Jerome Iginla type of player.  Nasty when he needs to be – great hands, great vision on the ice, and the type of person to make a nothing into a major something.

He had a couple of dry spells where he looked like a little lamb missing his mother, but that is to be expected from most 23 year olds.  The good part about him, is that those spells seem to be short lived, and almost nearly forgotten.

Wearing the “A” – he could be the next Captain of this team, a position that he could probably hold for years and years.  Seeing him in the locker room, he is definitely a quiet presence.  He is quite affable, and gets his point across simply with an ease about him.  That is what you expect from a potential captain.

Can he improve?  Absolutely.  He needs to find more opportunities, and get down in the slot, and muscle around to get to loose pucks.  He does have a good shot from the point, but in my opinion, he is not the quarterback on the PP.  He should be the fullback, driving, and creating holes (on the goalie – that is).

Any team would want to build a team around a talent, and a man like Kyle.  The sky is definitely the limit with #21.  I give hima B+, only because of his stretch that he did not produce.  Yes-  it is a ‘youth’ thing, and it probably is a good thing that this happened.

Next up – #24 – Radek Martinek…