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Congrats Chicago – the wait is over

By Gary Harding

I want to congratulate the city of Chicago for capturing the Cup for the first time in 49 years.  Well – the return of the Hawks to the front of the NHL world has now completely gone full circle.

Just four years ago – Bill Wirtz owned the team, and it was an embarassment.  He did not allow the fans to see home games on TV – there was no passion in that big building – the team was going nowhere.

In came John McDonough.  The former boss of the Cubs, made wholesale changes, and brought the team back to importance.  Then he got a coach in Joel Quenville to mold his young stars, and get the right players to make this team more competitive.

Last year – they fell to Detroit in the Western Conference finals.

This year – the Cup!

Congrats to the Hawks, and especially the fans.  I know that many came back onto the bandwagon, when the team started to turn around, and that is all right.  I can understand why you left.  But enjoy the celebration, knowing your guys are on top of the hockey world!